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Symptoms of illness in goats

Do you want to know the precise illness, disease or disorder of the goats you examined?,, offers you a on-line solution to help you solve your problem. All the clinical signs or symptoms you have discovered can be filled in the "symptom search" drop down menu. A list of differential diagnoses will be presented. Each of the goat diseases or illnesses found can then be investigated further by clicking on the goat disease title.

The on-line veterinary knowledge base provides a unique, fast and up-to-date veterinary information system.

About, founded in 2002 by a veterinarian, is based in The Netherlands. Our extensive collection of animal health information is the end product of an ongoing global review of professional veterinary resources. All content that becomes part of this collection undergoes a stringent editorial review process, producing impartial, balanced and accurate medical information. The medically related content for both professionals and pet owners is sourced from a common professional veterinary data base.

The Knowledge Base

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Validity and reliability of presented information is subject to constant control by a Board of Advice. The information offered in this knowledge base is specified for curative and diagnostic purposes. In other words, disorders, therapy or medication that is currently in a research phase, will not be part of the knowledge base. Relevant information about recent scientific developments will be placed on the news pages of

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