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What is is an independent, fee-based Knowledge Base that provides rapid and easy access to veterinary medical information. The data base contains more than 100,000 articles, dealing with animals, behaviour, clinical signs, nutrition, medicine, treatment, diseases, and organic systems.

Who can make use of

Veterinarians, students, educators, journalists and researchers.

Is access to free?

Access to most of is not free. As a subscriber you will have access to a wealth of veterinarian information from the Veterinarian Knowledge Base in a clear format that is easy to navigate.

Non-subscribers can read our news topics and register for a time limited and free trial account.

How does work?

Registered users need a personal user account, which is necessary for login. You can register by filling in the account request form. After we have received your registration and payment you'll have a personal account that offers you access to the complete Knowledge Base.

How do I get my personal account?

You can request a personal account by clicking here.

How much does a subscription cost?

The subscription price per user is US$ 99,- or EURO 75,- for a twelve months period. There are no additional delivery costs - although your Internet Service Provider/telephone company may charge you for time spent or data traffic capacity used, using the Internet in the same way you pay for telephone calls. Please take into account that depending on your country, additional costs for taxes like VAT will be charged.

How the fee must be paid?

Payment can be done by credit card. We accept Visa, American Express and Mastercard. You pay on an annual basis, we take payment in advance. If you choose to subscribe, you can provide us with your card details via our secure payment pages by means of Ogone Payment provider. makes use of Ogone, a third party financial company which charges your credit card account for the amount as stated. This method of paying is based on secure internet protocol (s-http). More information about Ogone can be found here.

Once you have completed the subscription process and your card has been authorised for payment, you will have instant access to the Knowledge Base.

After 11 months you will receive a renewal email message in which you are asked whether or not you would like to continue your subscription.

What are the terms of use of

For detailed information see Terms & Conditions.

Is there an opportunity to try out for free?

Yes, you can ask for a free trial account. We will provide you with a temporary trial account, which can be used for a 30 days period. After this 30 days period your trial account will be terminated automatically. At that moment you decide whether you would want to acquire a paid subscription to the Knowledge Base.

Can I get in touch with

Yes, you can send us an email. will respond as soon as possible.

Are there opportunities to advertise on

Of course! For detailed information about traffic on the site or inquiries about tariffs and conditions click here.

How is the scientific content of monitored?

The quality of provided information is of great importance to We know that our users rely on the Knowledge Base, is controlled by two quality assurance programmes.

First, we make use of a permanent user group. This user group provides us with feedback concerning data base issues, scientific quality, website performance as well as new developments in the veterinarian field.

Second, makes use of a Board of Advisors and Junior Board. The board consists of veterinarian professionals, who assist us in keeping our Knowledge Base updated.

I can't reach the Knowledge Base - what should I do?

Unfortunately, occasionaly the Knowledge Base can't be reached temporarily because of maintenance activities. Under these circumstances you should see a message window stating the unavailability after you have entered your login details.

If server problems do occur over a longer period of time, will send an email news message to all it's subscribers explaining the problem and stating the expected time involved in solving the problem at hand.

Please take notice that a paid subscription is valid for a twelve month period. In case your login details don't match your paid subscription details as registered in our subscriber data base, you will have no access to the Knowledge Base. In this case you should see a message window stating that your user account has ended after you have entered your login details.

What are subscription services?

By subscribing to the Veterinarian Knowledge Base, you will have access to the complete website and the Knowledge Base.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time during the free trial period by sending us an email message. When you have a paid subscription, you can cancel it 30 days prior to the end date.

When we don't receive a cancellation notice in the 11th month in the year of subscription, will continue your subscription. In this case you will receive a renewal email message indicating that you have to re-activate your subscription by making a credit card payment. will not refund any payments due to cancellations.

After registration, when do I have full access?

You're only a few moments away from full access!

After registration you will be redirected to the Ogone Payment Provider site for entering your credit card details. It only takes a few moments for processing your payment. After your payment has been authorized, you will be redirected to the website. When you enter your personal email address and password, you will have full access.

I can't remember my password - what should I do?

Send us an e-mail and we will send you an email message including your personal subscription details.

Does offer reduced subscription tariffs?

For companies, sponsors and staff we offer reduced subscription fees. Please feel free to make enquiries.